Yoga Therapy NYC

Yoga is a practice that includes postural exercises and breathing techniques to promote relaxation, improve strength, among other numerous advantages. Its health benefits may surpass those of any other physical activity. Whether you seek to loose weight, reduce stress, or improve breathing, yoga may be the prescription you were looking for. A one-on-one private yoga session will provide you an individually tailored practice geared toward the needs of your specific body. Your personal health concerns are my primary consideration and improving your well-being is my goal.

Private yoga instruction allows the student a greater understanding of how their body should move. There are endless rewards from a regular yoga practice that help improve your mind, body and spirit, and this progress can be seen from head to toe.

About My Practice

I have over 30 years of experience with yoga, dance, aerobics, and body sculpting. I have great insight and knowledge of mind-body-spirit healing and strive to share this with my clients. My yoga background is broad and doesn’t focus on one tradition but incorporates a multitude of therapeutic yoga practices, healing breath work, and additional exercises. Mind-body centering guided by the breath and yogic movements is my primary interest while providing a cardiovascular workout to strengthen, increase flexibility and reduce stress. I also am concerned with the new physical ailments that have risen from long term computer use and improper sitting.

I have studied with notable educators such as Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Mathews, Molly Fox, John Friend, Sadie Nardini, and Patricia Moreno, to name a few. I am continuously open to learning new healing methods and believe everyone has something to share. I address the student from the inside out by understanding what’s going on inside their body first, then adapting how a posture is reflected on the outside. I realize that each individual’s anatomy is unique and distinctive from another; we all have different body types, ailments, injuries, etc. The flexibility, strength, and range of motion will vary greatly between each student. Private coaching provides the focus necessary to address each client's needs rather than juggling those of an entire group class.

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Fees: 60 minutes $90, or 120 minutes $120


Relieves headaches and migranes
Reduces anxiety and stress
Eases hypertension
Lowers blood pressure
Massages internal organs
Improves gastrointestinal function
Strengthens immune system
Increases pain tolerance
Balances metabolism and weight
Delays aging process
Reduces insomnia
Improves balance and posture
Increases flexibility
Increases joint range of motion
Improves strength and muscle tone
Reduces cellulite
Improves circulation

Improves mood and concentration
Improves emotional well-being
Promotes a sense of inner peace
Calms autonomic nervous system
Improves sexuality
Reduces back pain
Increases bone density
Relieves arthritis symptoms and pain
Reduces neurological disorders
Relieves carpal tunnel syndrome
Lowers cholesterol
Reduces symptoms of asthma
Promotes a strong lymphatic system
Regulates hormone function
Lowers triglyceride levels
Increases red blood cells and oxygen
Helps manage multiple sclerosis
Can help prevent many diseases

Caution: Group Classes

Group class instruction can be confusing and harmful, especially to new students. It is impossible to address each person’s individual needs and anatomical build during an hour long class. Most instructors don’t understand anatomy or biomechanics and unknowingly teach transitional movements and postures in a hazardous manner. Some invent poses that seem beneficial but can become very damaging after repeated use. There are instructors who have been certified to teach yoga only after a brief few months of practice. These instructors may know the routine however, they don’t completely understand what damage will occur after repeated misalignment.

The more experienced instructors may get stuck in old patterns of teaching that have since been corrected by yoga experts and medical doctors. Many veteran instructors don’t understand about the limits of the spine and force twists that are extremely detrimental. Some of the most dangerous teachings have come from instructors such as these. Just because they are instructing a class does not mean they understand how the body should move. Most of them are unaware that their teaching is incorrect. Remember, just because an instructor discusses alignment, doesn’t mean it’s correct or appropriate for your body.

Use caution when taking classes at high energy sports clubs. Most of the instructors are there to put on a show and push students past their limits, totally disregarding their client’s individual needs. These jazzed-up instructors can give you a great cardiovascular workout, but can care less if you get injured. I actually witnessed a few of the personal trainers at the fitness club Equinox brag about giving their clients hernias. This is the opposite of fitness and well-being. Their goal is to push you past your limits; they can’t see any progress until you break. This uncaring mentality can transfer to the yoga classes where instructors push students into what they believe is a picture perfect contortionist view of a yoga pose. There is no perfect pose because every individual’s body is uniquely shaped and different.